Friday, March 17, 2017



Welcome to my's been a long time since I've had a minute to get to my blog and check things out, but I didn't know my last post was 2015!!!
Where does the time go???

I'm going to try and be better about posting here.  With my Stampin Up blog at and facebook, I almost forgot about my WILDFLOWER blog.

I'm having a little bit of a problem trying to find out how to add gadgets and widgets here.  Hard for an older gal to catch on to these things.  But, I'll figure it out.....I hope.  There use to be a gal that helped with adding Stampin Up stuff here, but she quit doing it and since then, I've been in limbo.

Hope you are looking forward to spring.  I've been working on my Easter Cards for classes and clubs that I give.....Easter is not far away.....

I now have to figure out how to add photos from my phone onto this blog.  As soon as I figure that out, I'll post some cards.  Previously, I took pictures with my camera and uploaded them onto here.  With my phone I guess I have to add an app. so as soon as I figure that out...there'll be pictures on here to go with my text. 
So, that's my update, and why I've been away for so long.
Have a great day......and ,